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Electronic Health Record - Core Modules (EHR-Core)

The State of California is seeking a comprehensive, effective, and robust solution to ensure access to electronic medical records for our constituents.

Applications are closed


The State of California is seeking a comprehensive, effective, and robust solution to ensure access to electronic medical records for our constituents.


Currently, CDPH has vaccine management applications used for vaccinations but the requirements for COVID vaccine management differ from our existing vaccine management applications and are not open to all providers in the State. The solution needs to support a new federal provider participation enrollment and vaccine distribution processes, as well as support enhanced functionality for Local Health Departments (LHDs).

There are several challenges with the current solution:

  • Lack functionality to perform vaccine allocation and ordering processes
  • Lack of scalability
  • User experience challenges
  • Network failures
  • Peak load volume of users and transactions
  • Lack of support on our existing code

1. Current Environment

While current vaccine management applications supporting publicly purchased vaccines have some functionality to support required processes to distribute COVID vaccine statewide, they do not support all required functions.  There is currently no mechanism in place to provide access to local health jurisdictions  in order to perform provider enrollment, vaccine allocation, and other vaccine management related functions.  The current systems are not flexible and scalable. 

This results in: 

  • Inability for vaccine allocation at the local level
  • Lack of reliability
  • Lack of adoption and change management issues
  • Lack of availability
  • Lack of Load Balancing
  • Creating M&O challenges

2. Proposed Environment

The State envisions an integrated vaccine management solution which allows for the onboarding of healthcare providers statewide through the completion of federally guided enrollment application process, performs vaccine allocation and distribution processes, supports vaccine re-ordering processes, and vaccine management activities at the state, local and provider level.    

The new system results in:

  • Seamless user experience for providers for all COVID vaccine management activities
  • Ability for vaccine allocation at the local level
  • Reliability of the system to respond to thousands of user requests
  • Flexibility to respond to changing vaccine supply scenarios and demand
  • Integration of key data to support vaccine allocation, distribution, and administration activities

Requirements & Outcome

For each of the scenarios provided in the POC Narrative Stories below, describe how the proposed solution is designed end to end (system steps, processes, and features) to satisfy the scenario, including identifying what parts of the process are automated versus require manual intervention.

Additional information (Use Case Diagrams and Track Specifications) is included in the Bidders’ Library.

Scenario 1 - Registration

A Local Health Department (LHD) sends out an invitation to an Organization to submit their registration to DHCS. The Organization completes a registration form electronically providing the CDC required elements; State licensing information for any health care provider with prescription privileges who will be administering COVID vaccines and collects the required digital signatures for the CDC Provider Participation Agreement. The completed registration information is reviewed by DHCS staff for completeness, accuracy, licensing validity, and compliance with CDC and State rules. In later phases, there will be open recruitment and providers should be able to go to a webpage directly to register. 

  1. Response must describe how the LHDs will send out and track invitations to Organizations.
  2. Response must describe how Organizations will be able to provide CDC and DHCS required information electronically including Part A and B with any ability to save draft submissions and allow for collaborators. DHCS requires demographic information for their clinical population served; and site-specific information such as model and temperature readings of storage equipment.
  3. Response must describe the review and approval management by DHCS and LHD staff including any ability to indicate remediation necessary to comply and send back to the Organization for corrections and appropriate statuses.
  4. Response must describe how your unified solution's permission model will allow DHCS and LHD staff to view a dashboard of registration statuses they have purview over by LHDs and Organization including any ability for notifications and reminders. Specifically indicate how an LHD can only view their Organizations while CDPH can view all or user-selected Organizations' registration information and status.
  5. Response must describe any ability to provide virtual training to Organizations, or the ability to integrate with third-party training solutions; or have the Organization to provide proof of training.

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Application Period

September 22 through October 8, 2021 at 12:00 AM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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